2 Neurones & 1 Camera

Olivier Thereaux

Vieux Québec




At a turning point in the movie, we are shown a room where a dozen people, all hooked to a machine that lets them share a collective dream, come to sleep a few hours every day. Those people are us.

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Can't Touch This


An article published this morning in the NY Times, titled « To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable» notes how quickly tactile interfaces have been adopted by consumers, so quickly indeed that they now are frustrated whenever a device does not react, as they would expect, to a swipe or a tap.

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Dans les environs

Montreal en Hiver


Mars 2008. La neige, le froid si saississant qu'on apprend les merites de l'isolation vestimentaire. Le triste sort de Griffintown, les doux plaisirs du foyer.

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Montreal circa 2009


Fragments de vie à Montreal

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Montreal, Canada

Aout 2003: Deux semaines a Montréal, et quelques photos des quartiers autour du plateau et centre-ville.

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Été 2008. quartiers et ruelles sous le soleil, terrasses noyées de biere.

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Accidents de mémoire - Accidents d'architecture


Tu me disais «il faut se souvenir» et que les images y aideraient

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