2 Neurones & 1 Camera

Olivier Thereaux


Everything is Broken


Hundreds of little broken things, and the lesson of a lifetime.

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Indicible Nostalgie


Barcelone, Janvier 2014. Visite en Catalogne et méditation sur la politique de l'identité du lieu.

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Chiuso Per Ferie


Florence, Aout 2013. Les locaux ont déguerpi, il reste quelques milliers de touristes, quelques siècles d'histoire.

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The Rusty Web


A meditation on information, time, and the patina of the World Wide Web. Originally a set of notes for a talk given at Paris Web 2013, and prepared in open collaboration with old friend and partner in crime Karl Dubost.

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I shoot expired film. I have a number of weird cameras, some way older than myself, some more recent but equally going against the grain of the unstoppable hyper-sharp-giga-pixel photography trend. I even process my own film, usually flouting the instructions and treating my chemicals in ways that should get Amnesty banging at my door some day.

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2005-2006: Sanzu


J'ai pris quelques pièces pour traverser la rivière. Je me suis retrouvé avec un billet d'avion.

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17 Aout 2007 : La Vraie vie


Projet artistique, ou recyclage?

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A beautiful object is not beautiful in relation to this or that desire […] it pleases us because it points to a satisfaction that lies beyond desire, in life itself.

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